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I am aware that I started this blog out of the blue and you out there, my (hopefully not imaginary) readers (I am joking, of course, I do know how to use the wordpress stats page). I have a plan, and now I am sharing it with you.

I intend to post at least fortnightly, more often if I have interesting things to say, less often if I don’t. But in terms of upcoming post, I have planned

  • A discussion on the difference between evidence and assumption
  • An overview of the concept of ordinary residence
  • An two-part assessment on the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards scheme and the upcoming Liberty Protection Safeguards
  • Some myth-busting on continuing healthcare
  • Case studies on a few interesting Court of Protection cases I have been involved in
  • An analysis of the overlap (and gaps) between police powers and social care powers under the Care Act 2014
  • Some opinions on co-operation between local authorities and NHS organisations
  • My thoughts on the conflicts between what is best for one individual, and what is best for wider groups of individuals
  • A few ‘day in the life of’ posts for any of you out there thinking about a legal career in local authority
  • A post on safeguarding duties and powers
  • A detailed look at Re D (2019) and deprivation of liberty in relation to young people
  • Some ideas on best interests balance sheets
  • General thoughts on the importance of record-keeping

If any of that interests you, then please stay tuned…

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