I promise I am not being rude, but…

I am aware I said at the outset that I would post fortnightly, but after a flurry of posts about COVID-19, I have been quiet for a few weeks.

My day job has been getting in the way. As I mentioned, we have had some new members join our team and supervising them whilst still managing a big case load has left me a little bit drained.

But after some encouragement from my better half, I am working to get my hours back under control and I hope to have a few posts together for you over the next week to 10 days.

Coming up, I have some posts on direct payments, both generally and during COVID-19; the concluding part of my trio of ordinary residence posts; and some reflections on multi-disciplinary working.

You see, I do try to get some actual law out, as well as cat critic posts.

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