Quick mini update

I am pleased to report that my authority has upgraded its systems in light of COVID-19 and so the whole thing shouldn’t collapse when we all start working from home. My team have been advised to work from home as much as we can, but our offices remain open and we will all be dropping in when we need to.

But the systems, and our ability to use them will definitely be tested over the next few weeks. My day job will, therefore, continue to take up the majority of my time. But I will try to keep posting on here too.

The courts have issued guidance that they expect visits to people in care homes to be limited to only the cases where this is urgently needed. And they are planning to increase telephone and video conferencing for hearings. But the court of protection still runs largely on paper bundles, so logistics are going to be interesting.

Guidance for social care professionals is still limited, but I will share any as I come across it. And I am sure you will all do your best for the people who rely on you.

And I will be here, keeping cat critic company.

In case it isn’t obvious from the fact I still haven’t identified the authority I work for, the views expressed on this blog are my own opinion and not the opinion of that local authority

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