When everything hinges on a capacity assessment

I want to talk to you today about an issue that I am coming up against more and more at the moment in my day to day practice. Let’s refer to it as the ‘unco-operative patient’ issue. I am finding this to be a particular issue in personality disorder cases, where mental illness and personalityContinue reading “When everything hinges on a capacity assessment”

A massive relief when training goes to plan

Today I delivered some virtual training on analytical thinking as a practice skill for Best Interests Assessors and practitioners more generally for a lovely group of our in-house BIAs. This was the brain child of our DoLS manager and I and had been causing me no small amount of concern. Because I’ve never delivered skillsContinue reading “A massive relief when training goes to plan”

Sometimes the pieces don’t fit together

I started off with high hopes for today. I set myself a manageable list of tasks and intended to finish early and recalibrate myself after a fairly jarring return to the office. How foolish was I? And instead I am left feeling utterly deflated and quite demoralised, having spent most of my day trying toContinue reading “Sometimes the pieces don’t fit together”

Let’s talk about court processes: part 4 – concluding proceedings

The, rather delayed, final post in my series on Court of Protection processes looking at the conclusion of proceedings.

Let’s talk about court process: part 3 – hearings

In case you missed them, parts 1 and 2 of my posts about court process follow the same case study and you might want to go back to follow the story through. But now we get to the juicy bit that most people want to know about: court hearings. Don’t get too excited though, orContinue reading “Let’s talk about court process: part 3 – hearings”

Let’s talk about court processes: part 2 – ongoing proceedings

Let’s return to our example of P. At the end of my last post, we had got as far as the application being made, mum being notified of this, and a hearing date being set. So now what? Well the Official Solicitor will have to consider the papers and decide whether or not to acceptContinue reading “Let’s talk about court processes: part 2 – ongoing proceedings”

Let’s talk about court processes: part 1 – making the application

The headline from my series on court process is that the court of protection is not like the courts you see in TV dramas. As a side note, in my career I’ve not seen much evidence that any real court is much like the ones we see on TV but this is especially true forContinue reading “Let’s talk about court processes: part 1 – making the application”

Case study: an update

It seems a few of you have been reading my case study about the difficulties of enforcing the social distancing guidance and regulations. It’s testament to how little guidance there is on this issue that my little blog is getting so many hits. I’m grateful and mildly intimidated. So I thought I would provide youContinue reading “Case study: an update”

Case study: a question with no clear answer

When I started this blog, I said I would provide you with case studies and practical examples of how social care law works in practice. I had in mind a few of my interesting Court cases when I first mused on this point. But then today happened. One of my philosophies for working as anContinue reading “Case study: a question with no clear answer”

Coming up…

I am aware that I started this blog out of the blue and you out there, my (hopefully not imaginary) readers (I am joking, of course, I do know how to use the wordpress stats page). I have a plan, and now I am sharing it with you. I intend to post at least fortnightly,Continue reading “Coming up…”