Let’s talk about court processes: part 2 – ongoing proceedings

Let’s return to our example of P. At the end of my last post, we had got as far as the application being made, mum being notified of this, and a hearing date being set. So now what? Well the Official Solicitor will have to consider the papers and decide whether or not to acceptContinue reading “Let’s talk about court processes: part 2 – ongoing proceedings”

Let’s talk about court processes: part 1 – making the application

The headline from my series on court process is that the court of protection is not like the courts you see in TV dramas. As a side note, in my career I’ve not seen much evidence that any real court is much like the ones we see on TV but this is especially true forContinue reading “Let’s talk about court processes: part 1 – making the application”

Ordinary residence: an introduction

No witty title for this one I am afraid. Instead I am going to get right to the point because this is a concept that many practitioners struggle with. It is also a big growth area in my work now that budget cuts are requiring increased scrutiny of every funding decision and allocation of resources.Continue reading “Ordinary residence: an introduction”

LPS implementation, are they really serious?

I had intended my next post to be about ordinary residence. But I haven’t quite finished that one yet and the latest news about LPS implementation inspired (read as angered) me. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, the government has announced that it still intends for the Mental Capacity Amendment Act 2019Continue reading “LPS implementation, are they really serious?”

But first, some basics…

My role involves primarily dealing with 3 pieces of legislation: Mental Health Act 1983; Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Care Act 2014. I am going to attempt to summarise the key bits of these pieces of legislation insofar as they relate to core adult social care local authority work for you, in case you readContinue reading “But first, some basics…”

Section 21A challenges: Trust me, it really isn’t personal

Social workers, care home managers, community medical professionals, I am talking to you. (A bit of the basics here for anyone new to the area – section 21A challenges are brought when P is in a hospital or care home and a standard authorisation under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards is in place. It isContinue reading “Section 21A challenges: Trust me, it really isn’t personal”