Human Rights Act reforms consultation

I have been putting off writing about this, and indeed putting off even reading the consultation because I knew it was going to make me angry. But I read it last week, as the window for response was closing and has now closed. And guess what? It made me angry My irritation started early inContinue reading “Human Rights Act reforms consultation”

Bearing a burden that isn’t yours to carry

The purpose of this blog is primarily to provide insights into the legal concepts and processes at play within adult social care. I am aware that most of you are here for that information. But I also believe in looking at concepts in context, and some of that context is personal. Burn out, compassion fatigueContinue reading “Bearing a burden that isn’t yours to carry”

Life gets in the way

This is just a quick post to apologise for the lack of activity on here this month. I have a number of different posts half written, but have been struggling to focus and decide what to write about first. My case load is increasing at work, and I’m in the midst of Christmas preparations. AsContinue reading “Life gets in the way”

LPS implementation, are they really serious?

I had intended my next post to be about ordinary residence. But I haven’t quite finished that one yet and the latest news about LPS implementation inspired (read as angered) me. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, the government has announced that it still intends for the Mental Capacity Amendment Act 2019Continue reading “LPS implementation, are they really serious?”

The (practical) limits of the Court of Protection

The powers of the Court of Protection are set out in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 ss15 to 23. In summary it can Make declarations as to an individual’s capacity Make declarations as to the lawfulness of actions taken in relation to that individual Make decisions on behalf of an individual who lacks capacity AppointContinue reading “The (practical) limits of the Court of Protection”